The World Around You:
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Welcome to the exciting world of scanning electron microscope photography and video.

Explore subjects from the ordinary to the extraordinary--from common objects and creatures to exotic animals and plants, microbiology, and high technology. This collection of photographic works spans 1974 to the present.

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How Things Have Changed!

When I first started taking S.E.M. photos, we did it using 4x5 black & white film. You didn't know if you had a good image until you went to the darkroom, developed the film, and made a contact sheet.

These days we can acquire extremely fine images in real-time digital format. You can see the image as its being photographed...and after I invented and built my first color S.E.M., the images are now in color!!! O.K. its synthesized color but its still very cool!

Here are various articles and photo galleries made possible by these advances in electron microscopy...

Technology Like You've Never Seen It

A close-up look at microchips and other technology will give you a whole new outlook on technological wizardry!

S.E.M. Multi-Detector Color Synthesizer

Patented by David Scharf, this system uses multiple secondary electron detectors which share the electron emission from the sample.

Did you Know?

Mites only live about a month but lay 20-30 eggs at a time! They are also more prevalent during seasons which keep humans indoors a lot, so put on your mittens and get out of the house a little more!

Here's Lookin' At You

Check out this collection of insect eyes! From spiders to flies, you'll be amazed at some of these little buggers peepers.


Dave is currently featured in Microscopy and Analysis Magazine in an article entitled "Life in Color" for his revolutionary breakthroughs in SEM photography and videography.


Dave provides services ranging from video footage to still photography, as well as lab work and technical consultation. Check out the Services page for more info.

Emmy Award-winning Artist

Dave won an Emmy in 2000 for his National Geographic Documentary film, "Body Snatchers". This was the first time HDTV footage was generated from a SEM.

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What Is It?!

Think you know what this is? Check out this gallery of things you've probably never seen before.

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The sights of Sounds

The musician in me couldn't resist to throw some guitar strings under the scope, here are a couple shots...

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