• Capability to record any format using stop-motion imaging.

• Capability to record live real-time video in NTSC Component in analog or digital format.

• Proprietary techniques for recording insects and plants alive—not killed, fixed, dried, and gold coated (as is usually required for S.E.M. imaging). We have recorded small creatures alive and moving in S.E.M.

• All video imaging is done in synthesized color.

"Invisible World" - National Geographic Television, "Tour of A Honeybee" - St Louis ZooOrkin, "Take 5 SCIENCE" - KCET/PBS, "Super Camera" - Office Kei/Japan, T.V. commercials, Discover, Channel, "Secret Life of 118 Green Street" - ABC, "Intimate Strangers-Inseen Life on Earth" - PBS (HDTV footage), "Body Snatchers" - National Geographic Television (HDTV footage - EMMY).