Motion Pictures

Motion Pictures

• All digital image acquisition in virtually any format or high resolution—typically 4K per frame normal image and 3K per frame for 3D.

• 5-axis computer controlled motion sequences with computer control of focus, scan rotation, and other S.E.M. parameters.

• Proprietary color synthesis for S.E.M. using the Wideband Multi-Detector Color Synthesizer (U.S. Patent 5,212,383 by D. Scharf)

• Color data acquired and stored concurrently with image data.

• Capability for true 3D stereoscopic imaging.

• Stop-motion imaging.

We made the first S.E.M. motion picture footage, which was also in color and 3D for the IMAX motion picture, THE HIDDEN DIMENSION in 1997 and the first HDTV sequences for INTIMATE STRANGERS - UNSEEN LIFE ON EARTH and the National Geographic EXPLORER Television production of, BODY SNATCHERS in 2000 for which we received an Emmy Award. "Blade Runner" - Ridley Scott, "The Hidden Dimension" -- IMAX 3D

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